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Jason Bekiaris is a seasoned musician hailing from the heart of southeast Manitoba, Canada, has officially joined the ranks of Blue Pie Records.

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Blue Pie Records USA Release – Jason Bekiaris’ Musical Renaissance: Unveiling ‘Left Inside’ and ‘Break Me Down’

With an impressive career spanning 34 years, Jason has crisscrossed Canada and the USA, lending his musical talents to a diverse range of bands. Notably, he has shared stages with iconic acts like Judas Priest, RATT, Warrant, LA Guns, Firehouse, Skid Row, and many others, performing in front of massive crowds exceeding 18,000 enthusiastic fans throughout his remarkable journey.

Jason’s musical odyssey began in the prairies of Manitoba, where he first picked up a guitar at the age of 13. Over the years, his musical prowess expanded to encompass bass, drums, keyboards, piano, and virtually any instrument he could lay his hands on. He made waves as a member of the Canadian group Wreckage, which released two acclaimed records in the early 1990s. Their journey included countless shows alongside Canadian legends like Helix, April Wine, Trooper, Tom Cochrane, Killer Dwarfs, and more.

Transitioning into the hardcore scene of the ’90s, Jason formed the band Chemikill, which garnered substantial success with their demo EP, earning radio play on local stations and abroad. With record sales spanning Canada and the USA, Chemikill played a pivotal role in breaking other Canadian artists, including Noise Therapy and JAR/Flybanger.

The late ’90s marked the rise of Sound Rage, a Canadian metal act where Jason’s talents extended from guitar to bass guitar and backing vocals. Their debut album, “Boogie Psycho Twisted Nature,” ignited a significant scene in Winnipeg and across Canada, leading to their first USA tour, where they shared stages with renowned acts like Poison, Night Ranger, Dokken, and more.

Following Sound Rage’s studio sessions for their sophomore record, “Out of Touch with Reality,” Jason returned to his heavier roots and embarked on a solo journey, releasing several records where he showcased his remarkable multi-instrumental talents. Notable among these works is “Martyr of Misery,” featuring a Chemikill cover performed by three of the original four members, and the evocative instrumental piece, “A Bitter Angst.”

Jason’s creativity also extended into his reinterpretation of The Cars’ classic “Drive,” which achieved remarkable success with nearly 10,000 views on the video within its first 30 days—a rare feat for an independent Canadian artist. The song’s local radio triumph paved the way for Jason to feature in five full-length movies and two CBC documentaries.

In addition to his music career, Jason took a break from touring to make his mark as a radio announcer in Winnipeg, hosting mornings, middays, and drive-time shows. He also pioneered Canada’s #1 podcast, “The Web Show,” and co-hosted a wrestling call-in show from New York City alongside Damien Demento from World Wrestling Entertainment. Furthermore, Jason served as the host of three globally available marketing and business podcasts on platforms such as iTunes, Google Play Store, and Spotify.

2018 saw Jason signing a publishing deal for his first book, “Pretty Train Wreck,” accompanied by several piano compositions for an independent film adaptation. Currently, he is eagerly anticipating the release of his follow-up novel, tentatively titled “Life is a Slow Journey to Death” in 2023, which explores profound themes like childhood bullying and depression.

Jason’s passion for performance transcends music and literature, as he has graced national television on “Tech Tank” in 2019, representing Canada alongside eight other countries with his innovative technological ideas. His dynamic public speaking engagements, addressing audiences exceeding 1,000 attendees at venues like Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV, have positioned him as a sought-after presenter for marketing workshops across the United States and Canada.

With Jason Bekiaris now officially part of the Blue Pie Records family, we can’t contain our excitement for the boundless possibilities that lie ahead in this thrilling collaboration. The future is bright, and together, we’re poised to make musical history.