Steinbach real estate agents know how rewarding their career can be. But it can also be very challenging. After all, purchasing a home is the biggest investment a person can make.

Why should they trust you? Why should they put their future (or their children’s future) in your hands? That’s the common word. Why! The “why” is what you must give people. There are dozens of realtors in Steinbach alone, why (there’s that word again) should they choose you to purchase their next (or first) home?

Steinbach real estate agents

It’s simple. You must tell the story and give all the reasons why you’re the best person to represent their needs and help them find the home of their dreams. If you’re not prepared to do that, the next realtor; likely sitting at the desk next to you, is more than willing to do exactly that.

How do you do this? How do you stand out from the other realtors in the office? There are countless websites where you can purchase or view your next home. So, how (I suppose this is another great word) will you find your next client? It’s easy!

You can’t expect them to invest in you if you won’t invest in yourself. I can’t tell you how many Steinbach real estate agents refuse to market themselves or their service. In fact, when’s the last time a local real estate agent hired a professional real estate photographer to take photos of their listings?

Better yet, how about an aerial view of the property and house? Real estate drone photography and real estate drone videography has sold countless homes across Manitoba. And, it’s incredibly affordable. Why would you not take the time to invest in yourself? After all, you believe in yourself, right? You’re the right person to sell the house so I’m guessing you’ve already built your brand (website, logo, professional real estate agent headshot, pro photos, drone video, and more).

If you haven’t, that realtor answering more phone calls than you (and still likely sitting 6 feet or less from your desk) is doing exactly that! Even better, are you running a Google Display Network campaign? I’m guessing likely not. You’ve invested hundreds (or thousands) to advertise on one website. All in! Eggs in one basket only. However, you could have taken that same investment and advertised on hundreds of websites. Imagine how many homes you’d sell. Oh wait, you know better, right? I mean, you did sink a paycheque into one website and one single ad. I hope it’s performing well for you.

SEM, PPC, SEO…those are the secrets to generating massive profits and they are the only advertising medium where you can see your traffic and ROI. If anyone tells you differently, they are selling you snake oil. Sorry, is what it is.

Steinbach real estate agents

Why would you expect someone to invest in you when you won’t invest in yourself? Give me six months and I’ll make you the biggest realtor in your office. FACT!

Contact me today. I’ll review your marketing plans and help you make money selling real estate. In fact, I won’t even charge you for coming up with a marketing plan that will work for you. And, if you want me to do the work for you (a seasoned marketing veteran with over 18 years digital experience), I’ll gladly take care of you! If not, that’s also fine. I’m plenty busy giving others a reason why!